Cone Incense Injection Molds

Product code: HL

Full block aluminium. CNC processing for uniform size

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To meet the development of the incense industry, Hai Lan company always updates with the trends of Vietnam and the World.

Therefore, Hai Lan Company has to produce cone machines and molds to meet customers' needs. Especially, now the demand for high life, incense sticks are very popular with customers to help deodorize, purify the air especially help mental comfort. In order to create cone products with variety of designs, Hai Lan Company is always looking for ways to improve the products of cone molds with various designs to meet the needs of customers.

In order to meet the tastes of customers, Hai Lan Company always creates many different cone molds products such as: pyramid mold, cone lotus-shaped, pyramid-shaped cone, gourd-shaped mold... With clear specifications and high accuracy, customers can be assured of quality, design and price from Hai Lan.

In addition to the product models which are available at Hai Lan, the company also produces cone molds according to customers' ideas and requirements. The customers are completely assured to create cone mold products according to their own ideas under the guidance and enthusiastic advices from  experienced engineers of Hai Lan Company.

The customers are completely confident when buying and using products of Hai Lan Company because the first purpose of the company is "Customer success is our career".


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